Zuckerberg introduces Facebook updates

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Zuckerberg introduces Facebook updates

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    The world's largest social network, Facebook, yesterday presented its updates: the integration of music services, video and new applications, and announced it reached the figure of 800 million users.

    In San Francisco developer conference, F8 occurred. The network creator, Mark Zuckerberg announced to the world the integration of Spotify, the music streaming platform in streaming mode, ie without downloading files.

    Those using the social network can listen to songs from Spotify, straight from the Web and applications thanks to new page will be able to interpret patterns of activity of users to have friends.

    You'll also be able to inform members of the goal of the songs that are playing their contacts at a specific time, so you may even hear from the social network.

    Zuckerberg said sharing music and not block access to it is key to making the business work.

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