acrylic nails lifting. i use salon system products. And the nails that im doing are only lastin up

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I have my question regarding the lifting of acrylic nails. The story is that I mostly use the saloon products. For this reason, the nails that I have are only lasting upto no more than a week before they start getting lifted around the edges. This makes them look rather ragged. Is there anyway how can I possibly prevent myself form acrylic nails lifting.  

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  1. Guest7432
    after i get my nails done its like 3 or 4 days later they start lifting and i am able to pop them off? is there anyway to avoid that? i have been getting my nails done for a few years and it just recently started happened

  2. Guest6294

    There are a few things that can contribute a long way to your nails lifting. First of all your nail bed which should not be roughed up enough before the nail was applied and the glue used was perhaps of not good quality. Besides, the natural oils from your nail beds are keeping the glue from holding. If the fill in is used, it should atleast take atleast two weeks before the acrylic nails start lifting. The nail tech should be asked to apply extra glue to the edges of the nails, including the outer tip.  This is advisable to go easy on the nails if you can. If the problem persists, then you may need to find a different nail tech or salons, who are offering with better quality product and service. After a few fills, the nails may start to yellow. In that case, either the set will be replaced or else it will go with a dark, opaque colour until they are finally replaced. Also this is to be made sure that the saloon uses clean tools. A lot of places have used or shared emery boards, which can spread Hepatitis. Lots of people bring their own kit, just to ensure that their tools have not been used on anyone else.

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