adoption without using adoption agency

by jennifer  |  9 years, 3 month(s) ago

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My name is Jennifer im 33 yrs old have a wonderful job...single....looking to adopt a baby girl or boy no older than 3yrs old....i had my heart broken when i had my god child taken away after 4 years of raising her...if there are any women who do not want thier child i would be intersted in adopting please email me at thank you.....and GOD BLESS...

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  1. Victor Strong

     Hi Jennifer,

    First and foremost I am very sorry to hear about your god daughter and how she was taken from you. My advice to you if you are interested in adopting is to do so as legally and 'by the book' as possible. I know you are saying you do not want to use an agency, however if this is the only legal way to adopt in your country it is a must. Otherwise there may come a day where that adopted baby is taken from you and you have to go through that type of ordeal all over again.

    Do some research and see what your options are. Best of luck!

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