am a poor boy and i will like to make money

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am a poor boy and i will like to make money

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  1. amomipais82
    If you really want to work online, I suggest you start your own business your best bet is partner up with a company that direct sales a product. That's what we did. You can create a web site, or have the company set up a web site for you to sale the products and services. Or collaborate with different companies. After you've set it up, you'll have to generate traffic to your site as means of either advertisement (which you'll have to spend a lot of money doing) or the more effective way is word of mouth and referals, which are free and more effective. Partner up with a company that gives you monthly earnings from services that you put people on either by in person, phone or from your web site. What I mean is for instance, my husband partnered up with a telecommunications service provider and all the cellular phone companies. Someone purchase a cell phone from our web site, or a land line or Internet service or whatever, the product it'self your able to provide at a whole sale cost as a distributer through the providers. When someone gets on the services, the company pays you a percentage of that person's billing every single month, month after month for the referal from you by word of mouth or by your web site.
    If you'd like to see an example of what I'm talking about, your more then welcome to take a look at my web site at Take a look at the products and services there, tour the company etc and to give you an idea of how you should have each of the companies and make extra money off the effort that you provided to these companies.
    Once you decide on a product or products and services, you need to start driving "traffic" to your web site. A lot of work but well worth the effort when your income starts going and rapidly increases. The most effective way I've found is simply word of mouth and referrals. We've had our business for over six years and this has been the most effective way. Loyal customers bring in more customers by the way you treat them, the quality of the items you have and the timely matter of the service you provide.
    Get a product and or service that's high in demand. If you create your own web site, make sure it's professional looking and not cheesy like a lot of web sites look out there.

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