answer for nims ics 100

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answer for nims ics 100

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  1. femapass

      i have all the solutions

  2. Bobby

     I have a bunch of FEMA answers... Im willing to swap... email me at to swap answers ASAP!

  3. Guest2462
    Check-in officially logs you in at the incident.  The check-in process and information help to:
    •Ensure personnel accountability.
    •Track resources.
    •Prepare personnel for assignments and reassignments.
    •Organize the demobilization process.
  4. Guest5762
    what are the answers for ics 100
  5. Guest1977

    Question 2 of 25 : The Incident Command System (ICS) is defined as:

    a. A guide for Federal agencies to follow when directing responses at the State, tribal, and local levels.

    b. A standardized approach to incident management that is applicable for use in all hazards by all levels of government.

    c. A command and control organizational structure used by the military to support responses to domestic incidents.

    d. An organizational approach used primarily to respond to complex incidents such as wildland fires.


  6. Guest770

    this nims is a joke,took online course and video and have failed 20 plus times!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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