are you on moshi monsters?

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are you on moshi monsters? could you tell me about it please!

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    Moshi Monsters is a very popular social networking online game specially designed for children of 7 to 12 year old.  It is a game where players adopt and care for pet monsters. In these game kids solve educational puzzles to get rewards called Rox, used as currency to buy items for the monster adopted in the game. Players can earn points to your next level by playing the Challenge and Training Puzzles, the minigames on the street and by decorating your room. Plaers can  get the most points by solving the Challenge Puzzles.

    Every player has to provide food and entertainment to keep the pet healthy and happy. For that, they  buy food and furniture for their pets. The game was designed by the British media company Mind Candy in 2007. It was launched in April 2008.There were 10 million players registered within 8 month. According to Mind Candy announced that there were 15 million users and by September 2010 that number had jumped to over 25 million. The site is continuously getting popularity in the world.  It is also known as "Facebook for children". The website generates revenue from parents purchasing premium content which is multiplying day by day. According to their press release of July 2009, revenues were "many thousands of pounds per month",

    Monsters for adoption are named as Katsuma, Diavlo, Furi, Zommer, Poppet and Luvli. There are number of options for players to choose colours and clothes for the adopted monsters. Many settings are available in the game for Monstro City, which includes stores, and streets such as Main Street, Sludge Street and Ooh La Lane.


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