b.a. exam time table of dr. r.m.l.u. avadh university faizabad 2010

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   Iwant to know B.A. Exam date of Avadh university faizabad

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  1. Guest673
    registration number 2010

  2. Guest8198
    b.a,2nd year
  3. Guest160
    I want to know my Result Of BA part1. My roll 432641
  4. Guest8217
    I want to know my Result Of BA part1. My roll 554967
  5. Guest968
    I want to know my Result Of BA
    partII. My roll 145039
  6. Guest3911
    i want to know the result of b.a.part 1 my roll no. is 561154
  7. Guest8927
    i want to know of my result B.A. 2nd yaer 2010
    my roll no. 183994
  8. Guest409
    i want to know ba part 1 marksheet when can i get
  9. Guest3769

    I  want to know BA prat 1 time table

  10. Guest7797

    sir i want to know ba 2 year timetable avadh uni.

  11. Guest1630

    I want to know exame time table

  12. Guest9338

    plz send me BA final time table 2011

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