best food to eat when sick

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I got an upset stomach and fever what is the best food to eat when sick

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  1. Victor Strong

     Eating correctly when sick can work wonders for your overall feeling during sickness as well as shortening the recovery process. Obviously drinking plenty of water and fluids is always recommended to aid in hydrating your body's cells as they fight the infection or illness ailing you. 

    Food wise it is important to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. These food items are rich in Vitamins A and C which help your body heal and fight sickness. Similarly, lean proteins found in meats, lentils and chickpeas can help rebuild tissue and lead to a rapid recovery. Lastly, whole grains will go a long way in providing vital nutrients such as zinc and lots of fibre. All in all, covering your food groups and eating healthy foods will go a long way in helping you get better. 

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