blue hill at stone barns

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blue hill at stone barns - Blue Hill at Stone Barns is a combination working farm and restaurant presided over by chef and partner Dan Barber. It could possibly be the most important and gutsiest restaurant in America right now. Sourcing from the surrounding fields and pasture, as well as other local farms, Blue Hill at Stone Barns highlights the abundant resources of the Hudson Valley.

Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture consists of 80 rolling acres of gardens, pastures and woods, where the rich traditions of community-based farming merge with the 21st century only 30 miles north of midtown Manhattan.

Blue Hill, known for providing New Yorkers with menus designed around seasonal ingredients, creates an exciting dining experience that brings together resources from Stone Barns and other Hudson Valley farmers. Sometimes this kind of food can veer into blandness, but in the proper hands it’s an education in primary flavors.

What makes Blue Hill at Stone Barns so great is not just the food, but the experience.

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  1. Merlyn
    an interesting concept...

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