bmw e36 323i coupe wont start. We tried towing it. It started but cut out a few seconds later and

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We tried towing it. It started but cut out a few seconds later and would not start again, Please can someone help me

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  1. paafamily
    Well sir we think that the problem is in your battery. please check it out otherwise there might be problem in your gas kit. We think that your car is not taking petrol properly.

    So, we recommend you to contact a mechanic.

  2. pabitraghadai
    Hi there,

    1)Make sure you tight the cable on the battery post... if you let it loose your car wont start ! It happend to me once.

    2)The cog may be a gear which means trans fault or failsafe operation. Neither would cause a no start.

    Try some starting fluid and see if it starts. If your gas gauge is less then a 1/4 I would add some gas. If banging on the passenger side of the gas tank underneath while someone else turns the key, you need a fuel pump(also check fuse).

    3) Is the cable still connected to the lever? I'd assume yes, because you indicate that the nearside seems to be releasing, but double-check
    Have someone pull the lever while you pull up the bonnet. You may actually need to push down lightly to get the catch to release, before you pull up.

    When you get the bonnet up, adjust the spring catches so they engage correctly (they s***w in and out), and make sure the cable on the release is still snug, without slack

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