brother sister masturbation

by Guest6505  |  12 years, 10 month(s) ago

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Is it common for brother and sister to watch each other m********e

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  1. DudeWithAllAwnsers

    WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?! You insane preverted freaks! Get medical attention right away!

  2. Guest2739
  3. Guest8875
    how brither and siter masturbation
  4. Guest3579
    i think more people have done it then u'd think.  i have masturbated my sister numerous times and even gave her oral s*x once.  she's finishing up hs and i'm in college and we've masturbated together very recently...i see nothing wrong with it. we both like the way it feels.
  5. Guest2177
  6. Guest1938
    yes i think it is common because you are growing with her and she is the hottest thing you seen naked...f**k her brains out
  7. Guest1910
    Although most people say it's terrible, I think a lot of brothers and sisters m********e together. I've masturbated my brother and even performed oral s*x on him and he loves it.
  8. Guest7193
    are you joking? what the h**l is wrong with people on here?!
  9. Guest3903
  10. Guest879
    Morally it's wrong IMHO...
  11. Guest5822

    too f*****g right nothing wrong with it!!

  12. Guest7876

    its more common than you think

  13. Guest6348

    There nothing wrong if a brother and sister m********e in front of each other or they m********e each other. You will also see children who will m********e openly when theire are others around.  

    When I was 11 years old and my cousin boy was 10 we m********e together and we would rub each other tender spot till we came. As long their is no abuse or disrepect to each other it is cool.


  14. Guest675

    me and my sister have masturebated several times together sometimes with her just stroking me or me fingering her and we love it but we also have s*x together alot too.its fun to watch her get off and she enjoys herself too

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