can I install windows 7 on my home and office computer?

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I have a copy of windows 7 and I want to know that is it legal to install windows 7 on my home and Office computer.

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  1. Guest4317

    Windows 7 is a well liked and somewhat costly functioning system. If you have more than one computer in your dwelling, as numerous families manage, you may marvel if it's likely to save cash by establishing windows 7 on multiple computers. The short response to this inquiry is that no, you cannot. Purchasing one exact duplicate of Windows 7and then establishing it on more than one computer will not work when finished in a lawful, normal fashion.

    This is because with each exact duplicate of 7 that you buy you are buying a permit to use that functioning system. This permit devotes you lawful privileges to use that functioning scheme on one computer. To work out if you are mishandling the privileges of that permit, each exact duplicate of Windows 7 needs activation to establish and use it. This activation is finished at the time of setting up by going into an exclusive successive number that arrives with 7. The computer is then listed as running that exact duplicate of Windows 7, stopping you from establishing it and triggering it afresh on another system.

    This lawful procedure of limiting your windows 7 Home installations to one computer per exact duplicate is delineated in the Windows End User License Agreement that you should acquiesce to former to setting up of the functioning system. Thus, if you desire to establish 7 Home on more than one computer, you should buy it for each computer, giving you multiple licenses.


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