can a diagnosis be made

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My Daughter whose just turning 15. Fainted a couple of times last week. Previous to that she complained of pins and needles in her left hand (aprox 1-2 months ago)She has also complained of chest pains recently. We went to the a&e where they ran lots of tests everything seemed fine apart from there was a wooshing sound coming from the heart. Which they said could be a leaking valve or her being anxious as her heart beat was fast. She was released straight away as an out patient. We are waiting on an appointment for further check ups.

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  1. Guest7114
    does she have any eating problems? those are all signs of an eating disorder, if it is they will not be able to diagnose it, regardless of tests, i was anorexic at that age, and my parents had no idea and when i began fainting they took me for tests, with similar results.  At first, it helped to drink a glass of orange juice first thing in the morning, depriving your body of nutrients can cause fainting, the juice gave my body something to start on.  Hopefully this is not the problem with her, it is a long road, but it is something that can be missed.

  2. Guest7224
    On the day that she fainted (last one) she hadnt eaten since 9pm the eve before. Her fainting was at about 2pm and she had skipped dinner. She seems to eat at home though. She is a normal weight even a little over maybe. That has seemed to be of ruled out by the Doctors. Our main concern is her heart. Due to the ecg results. Which said she had a mild prolonged qt. We have searched the web and scared the life out of ourselves as it only shows long qt
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