can i ever date justin bieber

by Guest7754  |  12 years, 3 month(s) ago

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i want him to come to me, think i am pretty, and ask me to date him

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  1. Guest4485
    maybe apparently if you have a myspace u can try to make him laugh and theres a50% chance he might pick u as his GIRLFRIEND but i dont know if he is still doing it

  2. Guest1006
    Highly doubt it. There are so many young girls all around the world that have "Bieber Fever".
  3. Guest9702
    maybe i am 14 years old and myB-day is  this tursday so ihope to get lucky and go on adate with justin bieber
  4. Guest9639

    i love you very much

  5. Guest8746

    how old are you

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