can i get into locked stores on zwinky? i wanna know cheats to get into locked stores on zwinky,

by Guest5772  |  9 years, 7 month(s) ago

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i wanna know cheats to get into locked stores on zwinky, red, deck the halls, sears or skeltons closet




  1. Guest3426
    no i dont think you can im sorry :(

  2. Guest5698
  3. Guest2369
    you ahve to have to know how to hack zwinky :( im sorry
  4. Guest2148
    i know..... o_o theres a link..... o_______________________o
  5. Guest8987
    yea theres links to get into the diff stores...I have 'em all :D
  6. Guest2907
    i need to kno how to get in to the "Deck The Halls" Store..! Plz help o.o
  7. Guest2844
    I also have the links to get in the closed stored...:P buh I dont share! SO HA LOSER!!
  8. Guest8703
    please share please please please!!! =[
    im begging you!
  9. Guest7531
    yep! to get to the boo-tique u need to go on zwINK and click on the "bootiqe is here" thing. Then in highlighted words it says the Boo-tique. Click on there, log in and there u are!
  10. Guest432
    I know a way you can get a zwinky zcard by lieing to Mistere aka Mister E go to your email acount sned a note to send him a note saying this...Hi Mistere I got my zcard acount hacked and it had 10,000 zcard on it.So can you give it back (pass and user) it worked add me on zwinky my user is danesha_boo see i have a zcard try it :]hope it works.
  11. Guest1921
    make sure your online on zwinky then put this link in the chat box thing then open chat box and click it there you go(:
  12. Guest1858
    Ughhh. It won't show all of my username!
    Its o with 6 underscores and then a zero.. (o_ _ _ _ _ _ 0 )

  13. Guest1502
    none of them work!!! =(
  14. Guest346
  15. Guest3263
  16. Guest2226
    it just loggs me out...ppl r mean! if u tell me how then i will get u a gift. I have a z-card, and i will spend it on u if u tell me the cheat to get to Sears and Red!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!! ADD ME MY NAMES Katberry659!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. Guest7960
    If it loggs you out, then you have to make sure your SIGNED IN through the zwinky homepage & in zwinktopia.
    If it helps, copy & paste that into zwinky,and click it through the chat box.

    If you guys need help, im online right now
    Ace : The Park

  18. Guest5137
    By the way

    The Boo-Tique & Red are not available.

  19. Guest6137
    how aboutttt fuckkkkk youuuuuu. o-o
  20. Guest5822
    stupid people ._. just me who can do it .. but i cant say my username =] im just called osama alot of people heard about me xD
  21. Guest9967
    cant chu people juss be patient? lmao meh either :D i kno all tha links buht im not sharing :O   add meh please, mii username ish ash_x
  22. Guest5303
    osama i know who u r and i know ur username so be aware 13 yr old misarble lil boy
  23. Guest4492
    find someone who knows how to
  24. Guest2375
    red is the behyewbfkjdsbgldfkjndgndklngklfx gnkdfbgfjgn vnckjvnf bvjjbdfgbbfdfgffghfhgfngnkmdf
  25. Guest7511
    i am so sad bcoz of this :( please help and add me my name is adsypan1 addme please byee
  26. Guest177
    the only closed shops that are still possible to get into is sears and rockvault btw.

    just follow the links the peole have posted
  27. Guest9303
    y cant i play games on zwinky it wont let me?......
  28. Guest2221
    no no i dont even get into the stores lol i get dem by my special cheat me and my friend know it we will neva give it out o.0 xP my username is viirus lol im sure ill get deleted :P its ok :) >>~ OsamA ~<<
  29. Guest5939
    1st:go on help then click contact zwinky blah blah
    2nd:type in plz help me i get hacked blah blah and make shore u got ur
    hacked pass
    email u put for the hacked pass
    and make shore u put in ur seceret answer iight
    take care and never go near dem sites and email daa give out
    take care and bewareeeee
  30. Guest4697
    BEWARE ONLY SOME OF THESE LINKS WORK!!! not all of them .__. its sad D;
  31. Guest389
    theres no way to get in.and dont listen to that brat osama hes lying.its pathetic to liten your just encouraging him to be a b***h.i cant elieve som ppl listen to that annoying little s**t.if u want to get into stores i guess ya gotta wait cuz ive tried everything 4 my gf.she wanted the braids from boo-tique and i cliked every link looked everything up and got close to geting hacked for it.theres probably a cheat out there somwhere so keep looking.but dont bother with the links because its just a bunch of bullshit.c ya. my username is ___chad___
  32. Guest2680
    It's Sooo Simpleeee! q; Lol. Yuuh Justt Usee Theee Linkss Thatt Theeeee Pplzz
    Said Andd Makee Suree Yuuhr Online On Zwinkky. O.o I Noehh It Works Kuzz I Wuz Just On It Yesterdayyy! q; And Also Miie Friendd Noehh Anotherr Cheat Tu
    Get In The Stores, Herr Namee Ishh
    Justtt Sayy Yuuh Wanna Go To A Closedd Storre And She'll Take Yuuh There!
    She Won't Even Askk Yuuh Fer Anything Like Some People Who Say "I'll Bring Yuuh There If Yuuh Buy Meh _________" Lol. She's Usually Online On "Rocker" At
    The "Bus Stop" And SHe'll Hang Out Wiff A Gurll Named xxiloveyuuhxx Andd Sometimes Otherr Pplz ;D
    BTW If Yuuh Knoee A Boii Named -_-Emo_Alan-_- She'll Be Soo Happy And Probably Buyy Yuuh Stuff Kuzz He Herr Bestiee!!! ;D Andd Shee Miee Tell Yuuh The Secret To Getting Into THe Stores!!!!!!!!!!!I Havee No Clue Honestly Butt Shee Doess. Just Walk Up Tu Herr And Address Heer As Duhkie ;D
  33. Guest1914
    Hey Miss Casey here! I LOVE how you are very interested in zwinky. More fans makes a happier me! :D Anyways... I deleted quite a few links but there are some ways to get in places like the halloween store! (Manys Favorite!) If you go to the zwink (our latest buzz) then you can find the old pages. Some of those pages have links to stores like sears or the skeleton closet. But don't abuse the system! By the way guys, i got rid of the tan cheat because many were abusing it by getting more guys to like them or putting others down who arn't as tan as them. But there IS still the faceless cheat. I won't post it like this but you can message my friend. Her user is LoveLife312 and she knows a LOT of cheats! Just let her know I sent you from maybe now! Don't beg. She can get a bit impatient so ask nicely and I'm sure she will agree. (: Thanks zwinkers and happy gaming!
  34. Guest9600
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