can vista business upgrade to windows 7 home

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I have windows vista business installed on my laptop and I want to know that can I upgrade vista business to windows 7 home Edition.

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  1. Guest4418

     Yes you can upgrade your Windows Vista Business to Windows 7 Home. For that you need to follow the given steps:

    First of all you need to purchase a copy CD or DVD of Windows 7 to upgrade your Windows vista.   Then insert it in the CD or DVD Rom drive. Click on the Install option once display on the screen of your computer. If auto-run is disable then you will open the DVD drive root to run setup.exe file. Here ensure to use the Adviser to get help in case of having any problem in installing or checking the Compatibility of you personal computer or Laptop.

    When you run the setup, you will see two options which are:

    - Install Now

    - Check compatibility online

    Here you need to press Install Now button because you have already verified the compatibility of your system by using Windows 7 upgrade adviser.

    Once done further two options will be shown on the screen:

    -Do not get the latest updates for installation

    -Go online to get the latest update for installation

    Of course you will choose for updates if you have the latest Windows 7 version. It is always advised to go with the Recommended Option for avoiding inconvenience in the process installation.  Being an IT Specialist I always recommend you that accept the terms and conditions for license agreement and then move Next for installation. Again two options will be shown on the screen:

    - Custom

    - Upgrade

    As you need to upgrade your system, so you are advised to select Upgrade option for upgrading from Windows Vista to Windows 7. For that you will click Next button. Here, Windows will again check for the compatibility and will produce the report to highlight the problem and save the report to the desktop if it finds any incompatibility issues. Windows 7 Setup will install your desired operating system without any interaction if there is no incompatibilities issue.

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