can you help me find some free online tech support for uniden scanners

by Guest2054  |  11 years, 2 month(s) ago

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Ok I downloaded the manual for a uniden bc248clt, so I do have that, however I tryed to fix the channel lockout, so that we could use them channels, and I did exactly like the maual says, and it didnt work, they were still all lockout. So I Figured i would move on to the next step, and that was to Restore All Locked Out Channel. So I follow all procedure properly and did exaclt what the manual says todo, and again nothing, didnt work and they are all still lock. So is their any way that someone can please tell me how to fix the problem?????

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  1. Guest4091

    uniden 2185 cordless phone troubleshooting ,I  need  ( free  online tech ) OR PHONE NUMBER.

    where do I FIND THIS?


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