can you install windows 7 ultimate with home premium media

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I am wondering to know that can I install windows 7 ultimate with home premium media. Someone Please tell me about the installation steps of windows 7?

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  1. Guest9256

    Yes, you can easily install windows 7 ultimate with home premium media on your PC. Windows 7 ultimate is the latest version released by Microsoft. Following the steps of windows 7 installation;

    Place Windows 7 DVD disc in your DVD-ROM DRIVE and start your PC. Windows 7 will start to boot up and you will get the next advancement bar.

    The next computer display permits you to setup your dialect, time and currency format, keyboard or input method. Choose your needed backgrounds and bang besides continue.

    The next computer display permits you to establish or fix Windows 7. Click on establish now.

    Read the permit periods and tick I accept permit terms. Then bang besides continue.

    You will now be offered with two options. Upgrade or Custom Advanced. Click on made-to-order option.

    Choose where you would like to establish Windows 7. If you have one hard propel in your PC than you will get alike choice, you can bang besides continue.

    Windows 7 begins the setting up method and begins making a duplicate all the essential documents to your hard drive. It will proceed through diverse phases of the setup and will reboot your scheme couple of times.

    When your PC reboots it endeavors to boot from storage disc as it’s the first boot device. Windows 7 will extend with the setting up by booting from the hard drive. After the reboot your computer will be arranged for first use.

    At this stage you require to select a client title and computer name. Click besides continue. The client account you conceive here is the Administrator account which is the major account for your Windows 7 that has all the privileges.

    Choose your password and password sign just in case you overlook your password and require jogging your memory. Now kind the merchandise key that came with Windows 7 and bang next. Choose Use suggested settings.

    Windows will now finalize the backgrounds for your computer and restart. After the last restart Windows 7 will start to boot up.


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