cbse private exam admission form for 2010

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how to apply for cbse 12th private exam 2010

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  1. amomipais82
    CBSE have given facility for the examination as private exams as well. What is a CBSE private Exam? If you don’t want to attend CBSE schools on regular basis, these exams are for you. There can be several reasons for that, like non availability of CBSE schools in your area, financial problem or any other private reason. You can take admission as CBSE private candidate and can appear for the CBSE board exams that normally held in March every year.

    Question patter and exams: You have to prepare the same NCERT books as a normal CBSE student. The course pattern and material is same. What the main difference between CBSE school and private candidate is that of regular schools class.

    You can directly take admission in 12th class after passing 10th class CBSE exams. In case of female student, she need not to give exam for 11th class. So you can prepare for the CBSE board examination of 12th class better after passing 10th class. As you would have more time to prepare, you can perform well. But you need to show one year gap between 10th and 12th class in case you don’t want to do 11th class.

    CBSE private exam will be same as CBSE regular student exams. You have to prepare the same books for CBSE private exam that other regular schools students prepare. There is no change in CBSE syllabus for private candidates and regular school students.

    CBSE Private Form: Students need to submit from dully filled to regional office of the board along with prescribed fee and documents, with 2 passport size photo signed by the candidate, in case of a teacher candidate, it should be countersigned by the authorities.

    In case late submission of form student has to submit late fee.

    Application would be rejected and the fee will be forfeited in case of any false statement is found there.

  2. Guest234
    what is the last date for private admission in cbse board for 12th
  3. Guest6713
    can the national open school failed students apply for the admissions for cbse school as a private candidate
  4. Guest8115
    how can check the admitted card of cbse privat student.for exam2010.can also check by internet.
  5. Guest7998
    i want to write 12th private exam how can i write this exam
    i am  now 24 yrs i have finished my 10th exam 200 march
    pl help me.
  6. Guest3576
    i hav edone class 6th in  2002 after that  beacause of some problem i did not complete my studies so can i give class 10 exam privately plz tell me
  7. Guest8499
    hi i m Rupinder kaur walia . i want 2 start my studies again frm 12 th class can u  tell me hw can i plzzzz
  8. Guest7270
    hi i m Rupinder kaur walia . i want 2 start my studies again frm 12 th class can u  tell me hw can i plzzzz
  9. Guest920
    hey this is omair from a c guard i wnt to private exam from m s school i can give now i am in 7th we cant paa the fees
  10. Guest5904
    i want additional exam of 10th class Punjabi than tell me last date of examination form admission march 2010 Chandigarh region
  11. Guest3218
    how to apply cbse class 10th private form
  12. Guest4400
    sir how can i recived in admitcard.....acknowledgment reply is not coming
  13. Guest2807
  14. Guest456
    i am, a male and i want to fill cbse 12th board privately but i am not having passing certificate of 11 th class.
    how can i seek admission in 12th class.
    i dont want to repeat my class in any case.
    please help me out.
  15. Guest5905
    i got 65% in my 12th cbnse board. i got only 34 in maths . can i repeat my board exams
  16. Guest1507
    When is forms of cbse private coming
  17. Guest4958
    diffrernce btween privye n is there sme hard checking n easy chexking yaar hellp me out i m stressss.............
  18. Guest6986
    how to apply private form n when it is coming n last date of private form

    plz tell me soon as soon as posible
  19. Guest4434
    when will be form allowed for board exam of 12 for 2011
  20. Guest3583
    i have given cbse class 12th exam but failed in two subjects i want to give cbse exam again. Please give me all the information regarding this
  21. Guest172
    i got com in 12th class i want do private pls gave sol abt it................
  22. Guest5771
    what is the last date of submission of private cbse board exam?
    we will get the form from school or we will have to submit it through on line?
  23. Guest5758
      get the form form Sindicate bank fell the form and submitt it with a DD of Rs.600/- up to 30th of sep. after 30th september DD must of Rs.700/-.
  24. Guest3645

    11th class admission praivat from sargodha bord

  25. Guest6661

     hiiiiiii i m shreya... How to apply 10th class private form

  26. Guest7810

     hi, am nahla. how can i apply for 10th class exam?


  27. Guest3067

     hi, am can i apply for 10th class exam.

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