cell phone signatures. I need help for my cell phone signature, i ran out of ideas, & i get

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I need help for my cell phone signature, i ran out of ideas, & i get bored of them easily.




  1. Guest666

    ~hahahaha.....wait, what?~
    *YoUr NaMe HeRe*
    *cheer girl 4 life*
    ummm well.....these arent awesome but....hope i helped...:)

  2. Guest9112
    how bout.


    i hope i help
  3. Guest763
  4. Guest812
    ~M3ANT 2 BE~
    ~Somthings never change~
    ~Life Goes On~
    ~Happily N Love~
  5. Guest6505
    how about something to make boys want u but not to trashy like my sig is #@RD^2^PL3@$3= hard to please
  6. Guest7813
    1 L0V3 B0Yz
    #3@RT~BR3@K3R (this means heart breaker)
    G0T 0V3R U,TH3N U C0M3 B@K!
    <3 I~L0V3~Y3W <3

    thats all i got sorry!
  7. Guest1304
    mine is: *Qty*- cutey
  8. Guest5433
    $3x K!++3n = s*x kitten
    FirstMiddle [[ie.]]  AshleyMarie<3
  9. Guest4096
  10. Guest9809
    <3 your name :D
  11. Guest1172
    Peace,love, and skinnyjeans
  12. Guest3374
    my sis always changes are sum of dem..
    *~luv yew~*
    {midnight princess}
  13. Guest7469
    How about ,
    **Head Over Heals**
    Your My Life<3*

    Hope i helpedd !
  14. Guest3895
  15. Guest7933
    " && i wont give up on him <3" i love you!!
  16. Guest6833
  17. Guest512
    mine is ?!?MONSTERS?!?
  18. Guest9855




  19. Guest1268
    *Fairy tale<3*
    Btw,itily<3 <--- It mean's by the way i think i love you. (:
  20. Guest9565
    uhmm how about:
    -i&\/\/ish <3
    &;firstmiddle...[: (i.e) &;breannanicole...[:
    my<3isYOURS (:

    and thts all i got rite now.
  21. Guest6153
    just put a nick name or something

  22. Guest2214
    I have Had Best_ya_eva_had
  23. Guest4944
    I have Had Best_ya_eva_had
  24. Guest9424
  25. Guest7670
    herez my favortie one !

  26. Guest3435
    -nice 1-
  27. Guest1304
    here r my past signatures
    ~Its my world, u just live in it:P~

    ~Je t'adore~ (its i luv u in french)

    ~Ti amo!~ (its i luv u in italian)

    hope i helped
  28. Guest4146
    mine currently is:

    hope i helped......actually....i don't :)
  29. Guest3523
    umm i have had/had <this is my sig>,<lobster_for_life>,<love3,tink<3and thats all i can think of
  30. Guest2542
    x*x Kookie.monstur x*x
  31. Guest9368
    mine is (_:(|) monkey
  32. Guest6857
    mines *(#0^F@$#0)*- HO FASHO
  33. Guest9577
    -!-bold&b3@utiful-!-   =bold and beatiful
  34. Guest2976
    -!-bold&b3@utiful-!-   =bold and beatiful
    <3_u make me smile baby_<3
    *<3-he's my superman-<3*
    !*4ever yours*!
    $_ur my every breath_$
    -insert signature here-
    PS.i <3 u!
    hope i helped
  35. Guest7874
    TsGh(C&E)Lih = Talk s**t Get hit Cause and Effect Learn it hoe (;
  36. Guest530
    (:jdb sucks:)
    That is currenly mine.jdb=justin drew bieber
  37. Guest1586
    love life
  38. Guest466
    **AlwaysHis .**
    BoyYouGotMe .
    Babyqirl :)
  39. Guest389
    mine is:

    "I cAmE BaCk CoZ h**l wAz FuLL :p"
  40. Guest1914
  41. Guest8798

    BAD b***h:*)

  42. Guest2711

    lol foreva =D


  43. Guest7519

    lol forever =D

  44. Guest2751

    *Shine Like The Sun!*  ~RAWR!~  ~>YoUr NaMe<~  !ImBlondeAndImProud! Laughin 4 Life!!

  45. Guest6200

    *Love lock Well*

  46. Guest8524

    <3iwluf&a(boyfriends intials or name)

  47. Guest3202

    Mineee Issss.. | Live.Like.Your.Dying | and i recently changed it too | Natural.Blondieeeee|

  48. Guest6279

    chiccaaa*(; or blaaah<3,  gotta love mee(: , *blonde at heart* babygirll<3 *k(first initial);(lastname)smithh.*<3 or youngg bosss(; thisshawtysawinna* lol(:  (hope this helpedddd) !

  49. Guest9569

    :)YOUR MOM(: Hope that helped

  50. Guest7250

    I also change my signature alot too (: heres some i've had

    *LIL WAYNE<3*

    -Steady Mobbin(:


    -FoReVeR && AlWaYs-






    *[bestfriends inisals] & [your inisals]=5StarChicks(:

    I hope I helped :D probably not, but.. I hope you like them (:

  51. Guest46

    umm i used to have $ave~babe$ and it means save babes like cuz idk why i just think its awesome and well if u want more just email me at and i will give ya more!! hope u like this one!

  52. Guest5997

    Odio a los enemigos

  53. Guest2502



  54. Guest9178

    *GON3 F!$H!NG*

  55. Guest9997


  56. Guest2296

    Mine Is: **N3V3R $@Y N3V3R** Or you could try, !*F3ARL3$$!*; {{WiLd 2 HeArT}}; BaMaBaBe;             LAST BUT NOT LEAST::::......


  57. Guest300

    Keep tHe HaTerz RoLlin


    {Black Veil Brides<3}

  58. Guest3195

    High beam swagg

    Swaggin 2  Hard 2 $top now

  59. Guest4032

    my friend is rlly random and sometimes she has  sigs like: BLACK & YELLOW, smokey earlobes, killer unicorns, pie pie pie, blue cheese, and CA$H........i rlly hope tht i helped :))

  60. Guest4019

    <I <3 mY pAnDa>

  61. Guest3143

    addorable me

  62. Guest9225



  63. Guest4193

    my faav:

    sorry elmo this is my world (:


  64. Guest3150

    -insert signature here-

    -jtwya.(:    ( just the way you are )

    -tied together with a smile..



  65. Guest6737

    ( :Who's the beast now?: )

  66. Guest9898

    lost signature! finder gets 1,000 dollars 

    haters get out of my world 

    lovers keep loving

    never never! take that jb i said it twice!

    jb:never say never / me: you said it TWICE

  67. Guest9990

    <((_Crayon_((] umm *Middle Name* ForeverHis(:<3 I hope that helps

  68. Guest7270

    #13 is mine=)

  69. Guest3115

    theres beeen potcorn and gRAPE soda and slice it up emo stile and !ProUd KluTz!

  70. Guest9951


  71. Guest4180


  72. Guest3941


  73. Guest3225

     Cell phone signatures are words or phrases that are included at the very end of text messages sent. Generally, they are supposed to be less than 15 characters. The concept is quite similar to that of email signatures. To make a cell phone signature; you can choose any alphabet, number and even a fancy symbol.

    You can either use typical symbols to create your signature or can come up with your own personalized one. For example, the symbol '<3' resembles the shape of a heart, and you can use it as one of the cute cell phone signatures about love. So, using this symbol, you can create something like 'I<3Yoo' or 'I<3<3'.

    Hope this will give you some idea.

  74. Guest3110

    um maybe s(he) be(lie)ve(s) or * shanaynay* or < u know im awsome> or - ur texting a monster- or *shakalakaboomboom* or  :*live* *peace* love* : 

  75. Guest1145


  76. Guest360

    i love willy wonka soooooo................."good morning starshine......the earth says hello!"

  77. Guest6913

    ur fav sport<333:)

  78. Guest819

    ****CONFIDENTIAL****  -     <((CRAYON(()  -   FaShIoNiStA -  FaBuLoUs  

    Soccer                   -  [Your name # sports number]   -    KYLE!!!!........REALLY!!! -  

         Live it,                 BFF`s 4 life -   Lil` Miss, Popularity    

              Love it,

                     Play it!


  79. Guest6

    I think if you are very young, i.e. less than 10 you must not use cell phone signature, or better not use a personal cell phone at all. Other wise if you're grown up, your cel phone signature depends on your likes, for instance some people like to be sad so they use something like Broken Heart, Lonely Planet etc. Some people who are kind of techy and gadget lovers may use, some text made of special characters etc.

    The Best signature I feel is your own name. Use your full name as cell phone signature or if you have a nick name. It looks too decent and a single signature can be used for all groups of people you communicate with!



  80. Guest6293

    :)!0V3-H3R:) or :) H@T3R (: maybe even /* Night-Sh@de \* another good one is --LeGaNd-- and !!G@M3R!! another one i would suggest if ur a fan to @!BL@CK-0ps!@ and last but not least /*/*C0d-4*\*\



  81. Guest8331


  82. Guest7142

     rAwR ImA DinO :).

    stop the world i want to get off 

    loser upside down

    listen to me im cool


    random things



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