clutch sticking on 2003 rm 125, Why won't it go into gear?

by Guest691  |  12 years, 11 month(s) ago

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Won't go into gear with the clutch in, has a lot of trouble in motion shifting from first to wecond gear.

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  1. amomipais82
    Drain the oil out of the bottom end, and refill with automatic transmission "type f" fluid. Fire up the bike, and see if that frees it up. Hopefully it's just your plates sticking together from sitting, or being cold as suggested. ATF will eliminate that problem.

    Sounds like a badly grooved clutch basket. If your cable is correctly adjusted and issue still there i would be pulling off the clutch cover for a look.

    Sometimes oil viscosity can stick clutch plates together and it takes a good shove of the bike to break them apart, shouldn't stick to this extent though. Should only be an issue when cold, have you tried going for a ride and seeing if it improves or is it unrideable??

    On my old girl I run 10w-40w motor oil in the trans because if I run anything else the clutch will not disengage when I pull in the clutch leaver. When I got my bike it had sat for almost two years and I was going to replace the clutch but when it got it home I changed the fluids and let it run on the stand. The clutch freed up and I am still riding it with the same clutch:thumbsup:

  2. Guest1055
    i run ams oil and it workes great!!!
  3. Guest1849
    i run ams oil and it workes great!!!
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