comment on the role of the ghost in hamlet

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comment on the role of the ghost in hamlet

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  1. Victor Strong


     The ghost in Hamlet, one of Shakespeare's great works plays a vital role in developing the story and shedding light on other characters in the play. The ghost appears four times in the original work and represents Prince Hamlet's father, the former King Hamlet who has recently died. 

    The ghost reveals to his son that his own son, the prince's brother Claudius was responsible for his death via poisoning in order to overtake the thrown, where he currently sits as king. On top of that, the King's former wife, Gertrude has married her own son and was in on the death. In order to prove the accusation right in his own mind, Hamlet stages a play that plays out the scene as described by the King's ghost. Seeing the look of guilt on Claudius' face Hamlet realizes that his brother did in fact kill their father. 

    Later in the story, Gertrude sees Hamlet talking to the ghost, however she is unable to see the apparition. It therefore appears to her that Hamlet is mad, speaking to himself as if someone else was there. The ghost is the main catalyst in the entire work, serving to reveal and she'd light on a lot of the story. 

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