complete list of 2011 Fashion shows in the world

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Hi, I am a fashion designing student . I need a complete list of 2011 fashion shows  as my school has given me an assignment about it.

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  1. selvester robin

     Fashion shows are a best medium for designers to show up your talent. Almost every country’s fashion industry organizes different number of fashion shows throughout a year. Fashion shows is an event organized by designers to show up their upcoming design patterns, line and latest trends. Fashion shows held in every season like Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter. It is mostly held in the form of fashion week. Paris fashion week is considered to be the most influential fashion week which held twice in a year. It’s a best platform where designers show up innovative and unique ideas. Now a days, fashion weeks are become the necessity of fashion industry. For that, fashion industry of every country organizes fashion week once a year or sometime twice. Here is a list of fashion shows which will held in November 2011 onwards.

    November 2011

    Vancouver Fashion Week Spring/Summer Vancouver, BC

    Pakistan Fashion Week Karachi, Pakistan

    Swahili Fashion Week Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

    Islands of the World Fashion Week Nassau, Bahamas

    Virginia Fashion Week Virginia Beach, VA

    Punjab International Fashion Week Punjab, India

    Fort Lauderdale Fashion Week Fort Lauderdale, FL

    Milano Moda Pre-Collection (Pre-Collezioni) Fall Milan, Italy

    Nigerian Fashion Week Lagos, Nigeria

    Vietnam International Fashion Fair Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

    December 2011

    Emirates Fashion Week (World Peace) Dubai, United Arab Emirates

    If you want a list of shows which were held before November.

    Go to :

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