contoh report text about lion

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contoh report text about lion

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    tolong kasi tau sy contoh text report tentang lion

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    Lion is an animal from cat gen. Lion is a carnivore, so they usually eat meats. Lion has a strong body like tiger and a fur in their tails. Male lions and female lions are different. The difference is in their heads. The male lion have fur in their head and the female lion haven’t. The weight of male lion is about 225 kilograms and the weight of female lion is about 150 kilograms. They live in a forest or grassland.
    Lion can be found in South Africa, Timor Timur and India. But because of the hunter want their fur, the habitats of lion dropped drastically. The lion are famous in South Africa especially in Savannah land. They are known as “King of Savannah” because of their bold and bravery. They owned the Savannah as their own land. Their numbers in Savannah are many too. They usually live in group. In that group, male lion is larger than the female lion because the male lion is the strongest lion and they are needed to protect the female and their cubs. The lion have their own territory. They always hunt in group. They hunt zebras, deers, and the other herbivore animal. They have their rival that they can said enemy. It was hyena. Hyenas live in group too, but they only act at night.
    Lion is different from the other felidae family like tiger, cat, leopard, cheetah and the other. The example is lion and tiger. Lion has a strong nail to climb the trees, but tiger can’t. Then the difference of lion and cheetah is lion has a strong and big body, but cheetah only has a small body. The most difference from lion and the other felidaefamily is lion lives in groups but cat, tiger and cheetah don’t. Cat, tiger and cheetah usually live as individually.
    Lion is a tame animal although they are wild beast. We can call them a tamed animal because lion doesn’t attack human except hunter. We can see them in zoo too. In zoo, we can see a group of lion that standing on a big rock. Lion loves rocks because they used rocks as their toys. In savannah land, lion lives in a stone cave. Lion is a good animal that can be used in commercial too. Their skill in jumping makes they usually used in a circus. They can jump on a ring of fire without fear.
    Lion is protective of their cubs. If their baby are in danger, lion comes and attack the beast that attack their baby.  As an animal, lion is almost same like human. They loves their child as we are. If they are in danger, lion use their strong and sharp nails to attack and crawl the enemy
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