differences betweren system software and application software

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differences betweren system software and application software

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  1. Guest3960
    Windows, Mac OS is system software
    Office word, excel, skype, MSN, like this are application software

  2. Guest5114

    Application software is written to perform a specific task (or a group of related tasks). System software is the code that defines what the computer is and how it controls and uses the hardware connected to it.
    An application is a program designed to aid the user in completing tasks System software are programs designed to manage low level system resources, such as a domain name client.
    Basically anything that directly modifies your files/documents Basically anything that changes/modifies the way your computer runs or maintains it's running state
    Other application software:
    Windows media player
    Text editors
    Compression/Decompression programs
    Office programs Other system software:
    Desktop Window Manager (Windows Vista, 7)
    Power Management utilities
    All windows services
    Anti virus/malware/spyware
    Application Software are easier to be understood by normal users because they directly deals with the normal real life applications System Softwares are recommended to be used only by Advanced users who are having advance knowledge of the computer system
    Application Software is made for a special purpose Systems Software is "Middleware" that runs the infrastructure that supports the application software
    Application software makes the system software do work. System software makes the physical machine do work.
    The functions and instruction are written by the user in the case of application software instructions are pre-coded by the manufacturers in the case of system software
    an application software is not as neccasary as system software, although a software program can contribute alot to your sytem, not having it them will not affect you using your computer or affect your computer working System software are running processes on your computer. They are necessary features in order for your computer to run and do the things that computers are expected to do.
    ie boot, logging in,connect to the internet
    , ect

    application software is not a system dependent System software is system dependent
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