director of employment office in kancheepuram

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director of employment office in kancheepuram

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  1. Guest2056
    radiographer senierity list in goverment at kancheepuram

  2. Guest646
    i have registerd in radiographer posting in 2002. There are going to verification  in other district what happen to this dt.& when can in get verification  or others pls answer
  3. Guest1417
    I regiter in typist 1989/b.c. first reg. 1985 +2 what happen to this
  4. Guest6629
    i want a details of verification of agriculture department for posting of AAo (ASSISTANT AGRICULTURE OFFICER). PIEASE!!!!
  5. Guest385
    sir i have registered my b.ed degree today.i would like to see my no in the employment list
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