do u know hot to get a boy to look at you

by Guest411  |  12 years, 9 month(s) ago

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do u know hot to get a boy to look at you




  1. Guest77
    Yes it is very easy to attract the member of the opposite s*x. You can give him too much attention; men, boys are hunters and they love to hunt; anything too easy will not be noticed.  Be yourself and be confident, give him little attention but not at a level where he takes you as an easy pick.  pay attention to his friends in a friendly manner without flerting; boys get jelous fast. there are other things you can do can do but i gotta run; will list them in the next day or so.

    yer but i did that he likes me but i think i loves me but to afraid to ask me out
  3. Guest7880
    DO nt know but my cell is 9857225286. Good luck.
  4. Guest508
    you flirt lokk super pretty act s**y and make up a fake name if its not good like roxy,rosie,laure,amy,hayley.georgia,kayley
  5. Guest3198
    ya you can wear alot of s**y cloths so boys will automatically look at you
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