do urine can help plants grow faster.

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A  detail  from me is that we observe the plants that can urine grow faster or the water can grow faster.

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  1. Guest1763
    Plants that can urine?
    I will assume you are saying that plants fed with urine can grow faster and you are wondering if that is really the case..?
    As far as I know it is NOT the case but as urine contains nitrogen and other elements it can be useful to plant growth but there are also other unwanted things in the urine that would not be useful to a plant.

    Saying that, I just read a few different opinions on this and it would seem to have a lot of support in various forums, people generally agree that it should be diluted, possibly one part urine to up to ten parts water. I think that would be better than pure, plus it supposedly does not smell if you do it that way.
    Here is a bit more info on what is contained in the urine:
    arsenic 0.137 mg/L
    Arsenobetaine 0.069 mg/L
    Dimethylarsinic acid 0.036 mg/L
    selenium 0.059 mg/L
    zinc 0.62 mg/L
    salts such as sodium chloride
    plant growth hormones such as auxins
    other minerals...
    organic matter

    Whilst it seems to definitely increase growth in many plants, if you use it undiluted for long periods I would say you will notice problems from it.
    Use it diluted and I can't see why it shouldn't be a great addition to your plants!

  2. nopioenadex
    Oops. The answer given above was from me. I did not realise I was logged out!
  3. Guest3935
    i don't really know but i am doing a science project on it this year
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