do you need an urgent loan if yes contact us

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do you need an urgent loan if yes contact us

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  1. Ron Collins

     There are many fake lender here, I advice all seeking loan here to be careful and vigilant. All who post here are the lenders themselves or people who make money by posting for those fraud lenders, making commissions. If I were you , I would just go to your nearest bank,if bank do not work, maybe just the loan lenders in your place. You will just lose your hard earned money here , by paying the fees these hyenas going to ask you. Be careful. I got my loan from David Herley Finance Home here in the USA. Their contact telephone: +1 321-323-1809. You can get their website via google search. All the best and Godspeed

  2. Helen Taylor

     Do not use all of these Private Money Lender here, there are not legitimate and if they have a free email account tag i.e. yahoo, gmail, hotmail, live etc then they are not legitimate. If they have telephone number with international dialing codes from Nigeria, India, UK, Singapore and France then you have to beware. A legitimate company would have a genuine website, personalized email address/account and based in the country they claim they are. I would recommend anyone looking a a serious/honest loan lender to visit: DAVID HERLEY FINANCE HOME BASED IN THE USA. They are located in the Orlando, Florida. USA and their reputation speaks louder than others in the industry when it come to obtaining loan, business financing, mortgage refinancing, debt consolidation and Real Estate Loans. You can search for them via GOOGLE.COM to see their full website information and contact details with email address. Their tel no: +1 (321)-323-1809, Website: or Email: located in Orlando, Florida. USA.

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