does anyone know taylor lautner's phone number

by Guest7561  |  13 years ago

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does anyone know taylor lautner's phone number

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  1. Guest9126
    its 732 403 1435 honest i live on his street

  2. Guest4721
    i dont
  3. Guest3577
    noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo i know justin bibers phone number
  4. Guest66
    Omg i actually know it! It is 1-920-229-7071. Your welcome :)
  5. Guest4649
    hello. 1 920 229 7071 is actually MY phone number. i dont happen to be taylor lautner.
  6. Guest16
    is it a 555 number
  7. Guest4791
    don't even call taylor lautner cause if someone calls him it could be another person that you don't even know. only there family has it nobody will have the number.......................
  8. Guest5347
    wat eva u dont live in his street u r a joke
  9. Guest599
    its 555-972-1258. I just got off the phone with him
  10. Guest4118
    i wish i new
  11. Guest669
    i think i might have it 79470470435
  12. Guest8027
    OMG!! i seriously just called him but it went to his voicemail so heres his number 294-667-1309! call him! just ask for taylor
  13. Guest1583
    Im Taylor Launter My Number Is 3136454452 there Evryone
  14. Guest7004
  15. Guest1981
    My advice don't listen to any of these dummies cuz no one has it... But I swear he is going western michigan for college.. U could find him there
  16. Guest8281
    ur all liars i called all the fone n none is his u big fat liars stop being liars
  17. Guest373
    555-972-1258. is with out a doubt not his #
  18. Guest3574



    your not taylor lautner,r u?

  19. Guest2985

    people get a life... poor taylor I do not get how he could handle

    ya getting into his business....I know ya are his fans, but there is always the time to

    know things nd times to back off...



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