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Hello everyone i have proof is a 100% real website because today i got my signup code from his admin :)

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  1. Guest9042
    i think you are a stupid g*y . you a*****e you still money .Idiot i will post each day . You still my money idiot

  2. Guest9221
    f**k your mother in mouth
    Note: Do not Send your money to this f*****g scam. They have nothing to eat jungle mans. f*****g Idiots
  3. Guest8985
    Hello mate i got my signup code from
  4. Guest3751
    Yes its REAL!!!! i got my SIGNUP CODE YAHOOOOOOO
  5. Guest9230
    i got my signup code on
  6. Guest5521
    HEYYY!!! Broo i get my signup code on
  7. Guest6805
    do yo u have a screen shot of this website.
  8. Guest8841 site is closed do anyone knows the nu site now?
  9. Guest498

     eltimselectronics is a big SCAM !!!! go to is a very good admin that even sell paypal accounts .. contact the admin himself on

    no hacker has it so don't fall for them

  10. Guest2096

    Only on is good site Registration is free .....

  11. Guest3234

    i got my registration on its a good ccshop and there have worldwide ccv.

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