email id of rohit chandra ceo of aircel

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i want the email id of Mr. Rohit Chandra the CEO of Aircel.

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  1. Guest6985
    i want the email id of Mr. Rohit Chandra the CEO of Aircel.

  2. Guest9762
    dear sir i want talk with you plz give your con. no.
  3. Guest6128
  4. Guest2205
    nice work
  5. Guest6538
    Subject: Proposal of publicity and promotion of brands by the project of Real Cause NGO (Regd.)


    On being worried for the cause of everyone, a man with a desire to see people better conceived an organization working for deprived, downtrodden people and started social work in the outfit of 2000 deputing himself as a worker and his study room as his office. The adventure carried on led to a registered social organization by the name & style of  "REAL CAUSE". We are partner in common man's struggle.          

    Delhi is a big city and to move from one place to another, you must have some sort of conveyance. Since it has a mixed population, Delhi government have provided different mode of conveyance for instance trains, cabs, buses to move within Delhi, outside as well. Out of all, buses forms the cheapest mode of transport. Several bus stations were created within Delhi which serves more than 60% of Delhi’s population. But at the same time passengers at bus stop also faces many problems like

    • Platforms at the bus stand had become a home for beggars. Beggars keep on disturbing passengers until they don’t get anything.

    • Passengers are supposed to board from the rear door and alight from the front. But bus operators don’t dare refuse any customer boarding from the front.

    • If the bus operator finds that there aren’t enough passengers, the bus is stopped and the passengers moved to another bus of the same route, even though it is already comfortably filled with passengers. Also they will stop for 10-15 minutes (which to a passenger feels like hours) at some bus stands if they feel that the bus is not full enough.

    • To assist the tourists/visitors often visit to monuments like Qutub Minar, Red Fort, Lotus Temple, and other historical sight seeing places.

    Looking at the problems being faced by a common people, a passenger, we felt there is desperate need of volunteers to guide and assist passengers by providing volunteers at bus stands.
    We will have two volunteers at each bus stop. Our volunteers will avoid this kind of practice and if necessary, will also complaint about the same to concerned authority. Also, our volunteers will see that the bus commuters should never board or deboard a moving bus. And will also help in maintaining a queue while boarding the bus that will help in avoiding unnecessary hustle and bustle and will also save time, as a stitch in time saves nine.

    For volunteers, we have enrolled students from economically weaker section who have to support their studies on their own. So in this way, we are helping both common people and volunteers. They will wear t-shirt and cap having your company's logo in front and back as well that will surely enhance your brand’s name in a great manner.

    Your valued organization is invited to become a sponsor of the Real Cause project. This project will provide your organization with the following key benefits.

    • Volunteers will wear t-shirt and cap having your company's logo in front and back that will surely foster your brand in mammoth manner

    • The expenses incurred on such sponsorships will be exempted from Income Tax under section 80-G, as the same will be considered as donation.

    • Exposure to thousands of people everyday Indian and foreigners due to virtue of Common Wealth Games-2010.

    • The economically weaker students who are not able to work full time, we will depute them for 6 hours per day for which we would compensate them Rs.350/- per day or negotiable as per mutual consent.

    We look forward for your kind and favourable response to or give us an opportunity to meet you personally as convenient to you.

    Thanking you & your prompt attention into the matter is solicited.

    Yours faithfully,
    ( Kamran Siddiqui ) Genl. Secy.
      Riya Sharma, Secy.
    Real Cause NGO (Regd.)
    T-19, Okhla Indl. Area-II,
    New Delhi-110020.
  6. Guest531
    Sir, will you please give us an appointment pl call 9811178611
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