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like how god gave then the alitie to tll u wha tu been going trough whe n they dont even knoe you

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  1. paafamily
    Evangelism is the practice of relaying information regarding to a belief to pre-believers. The term is used sometimes in reference to Christianity, where the scriptures often describe "evangelism" as "spreading the Gospel". The term may be also used for the practice of attempting to convert people to other religions. For this reason, there are "evangelists" in Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism[citation needed], and other religions, even though those religions are not "evangelistic" by nature. The difference between these religions and Christianity is that participants in religions find themselves working their way to find favor or mercy from their god.[citation needed]

    Christians who specialise in evangelism are known as evangelists whether they are in their home communities or acting as missionaries in the field. Some Christian traditions consider evangelists to be in a leadership position; they may be found preaching to large meetings or in governance roles. Christian groups who actively encourage evangelism are sometimes known as evangelistic or evangelist.

    The communication of Christian faith to new geographical areas and cultures is often referred to as evangelization, or specifically, world evangelization.

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