exercise ball workouts for men.

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I have seen some of the exercise balls laying around in the Gym, heard from many people that they are used for exercises and they deliver a far better result than normal exercises, what are the workouts for men using an exercise ball?

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  1. James Harley

     Exercise balls can be used for working out almost every part of your body, here are some of the exercises you can workout with the help of an exercise ball.

    Trunk extension: the trunk extension exercise is used for working out on the Lower back, In this exercise you will have to bend on your knees with your upper body on the ball, pull your body up forcing on the ball and stand bending in your knees.

    Core crunchers: Core crunchers tone out the Abs and core muscles, on your knees bend on your waist placing your hands and elbows on the ball, move the ball forward with your elbows and back again.

    Basic crunches: works out Abs, with your feet on the floor and back on the ball do conventional crunches.

    Elevated push-ups: this workout tones Pecs, shoulders, triceps, and abs, place your legs on the ball and perform normal pushups.

    Bent Knee Bridge: tones the Buttocks and hamstrings, Lie on you back with your hands spread wide, your knees should be on the ball, now move your butt upwards the sealing squeezing it in.

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