female ringneck parakeet first egg lay and abandond them will she lay more eggs

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female ringneck parakeet first egg lay and abandond them will she lay more eggs

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  1. amomipais82
    he very first thing you need to do, if she does not already have one, is to get her a cuttle bone and don't ever let her run out of it, not now, now ever. You must not take her eggs away from her, so long as they are undamaged. She needs a place to keep her eggs safe from being damaged but you do not want to provide her with anything that even remotely resembles a true nest box. Nest boxes are semi dark and much too "private and safe". An enclosure like that will only spur her to lay even more eggs than she might otherwise. That's a possible serious health issue which I'll address. I suggest giving her one of the clear plastic, shoe box size storage boxes like you can find at WalMart, KMart, etc. Leave the lid off, line the box with many layers of plain white paper towels, and ever so gently, (while you are probably being pecked and fussed at) move her egg/s into the box. Or, allow her to lay her eggs in it the next time she is in the mood. To remove them too soon will only inspire her to lay more to replace them, further depleting her calcium. . Of course if they get damaged, you have to remove them because they will grow bacteria. In that case, it's always good for us to have some good fake eggs on hand. As she lays them and if they are undamaged, you can very gently bring them to a boil, then cool them back down and return to her. The boiling helps make them a little less likely to be broken. The real eggs, or the fakes, must stay with her until you are positive she has grown bored waiting on them to hatch and has completely abandoned them. That might take the full 18-20, (on average) days of gestation, longer, or less. There is no way to predict at what point she will give up. Some steps you can take to try to discourage the laying in the first place, which of course is the best answer, is to rearrange things inside her cage and move the cage itself, even if only across the room for a few days, then back. You need to cut back on the amount of "daylight" hours she gets. Do that by using a dark cage cover and don't give her more than 10 hours of daylight. Cover her earlier at night or uncover later in the morning, whatever fits your schedule best but be consistent. It's the increasing daylight hours in spring that is one of the laying triggers. In addition to the cuttle bone, be sure she is on the best possible diet. Fertile or not, egg laying is very hard on her. She needs to not be eating more than about 30% seeds and seed products. She needs good pellets with her seeds and she needs plenty of fruits, veggies, leafy greens and much more every day, to be healthy. I'm going to give you some links to articles with more detailed information about diet, the consequences of poor diet, and some other miscellaneous articles you may find helpful for her over all health and safety.

  2. Guest5652
    i had a pair of parakeets but the male left and to days later the female layed eggs dose she need the male help
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