firex 120 1072 beeping already replaced batteries

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firex 120 1072 beeping already replaced batteries

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  1. Guest9642
    check for a reset button-
    if not, most likely faulty.

    invest in a new one =) there not too expensive anywho.
    have a nice day.

  2. Guest8256
    where is the reset button on unit?
  3. Guest5177
    From website

    ..."Apparently there's a capacitor in the detector that stores enough of a charge to allow the detector to beep a few times after AC and battery are disconnected. This is why it's important to press and hold the test button after disconnecting battery and AC -- to discharge that capacitor.

    They do not have to be disconnected simultaneously. Follow this procedure for each one:

    Have you replaced your battery and your alarm still chirps?

    If so, try this quick fix. Disconnect the electric harness and remove the battery. Then press and hold test button for 20 seconds. Put everything back together and it should be fine.

    I hope this helps!"
  4. Guest2081
    i've done all that and when i take the smoke detector off the wall and unplug it from AC power, the chirp I get is coming from the wall
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