flip video to windows movie maker???help?

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I just got a flip ultra,,i like to edit it with WMM, but import failed,,,,,any help ??/money is not the case!

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  1. Guest3574
    Windows Movie Maker is a very useful application to edit videos, and it has many features such as effects, transitions, titles/credits, audio track, timeline, narration and so on. However, if you want to edit flip videos using Windows Movie Maker, you will have to convert camera video to Windows Movie Maker supported video formats such as ASF, AVI and WMV. Then you will need a video to Windows Movie Maker Converter.

    here is a fact that Windows Movie Maker didn’t play nice with Slide HD as well as Flip Ultra and Mino HD. The problem is with the video codec that the Flip uses: MPEG-4 AVI/H.264 encoded MP4 format. Windows 7 or Windows Movie Maker lacks native support for playing MP4 videos. You will have to download and install extra codec for MP4 support (XP and Vista does this automatically).

    Maybe there is a compatiblity issue with your
    source files.

    Many formats are reportedly compatible with
    Movie Maker but the most reliable choices are:

    Photos -  bmp
    Video -  wmv or dv-avi
    Music -  wma, wav

    Doremisoft Flip Slide HD to Windows Movie Maker Converter can professionally help you view or edit a video inside of Windows Movie Maker/WMM.

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