food chain of pygmy marmoset

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food chain of pygmy marmoset

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  1. salim
    Pygmy marmosets occupy trees and shrubs in tropical and floodplain forests. They also move farther into the forests, although their numbers are fewer there. Pygmy marmosets have also been known to use secondary forest habitats if there is suitable food available.

    Pygmy marmosets gouge holes in trees and feed primarily on sap, gum, and latex. They also add spiders and insects, which are attracted to the sap from the tree, to their diet. Fruit is also eaten on rare occasions.

    Primary Diet:
    herbivore  (eats sap or other plant foods).

    Animal Foods:
    insects; terrestrial non-insect arthropods.

    Plant Foods:
    fruit; sap or other plant fluids.

  2. Guest3623
    pygmies food chain
  3. Guest47
    where is the pymy marmoset in a food chain
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