foods that make you look younger

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foods that make you look younger

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  1. Victor Strong


    Although there are no magical foods that will suddenly make you look younger, there are several items we can incorporate into our diet that will go a long way in maintaining a youthful and healthy glow moving forward that will give the appearance of young and healthy skin.

    Firstly - food and drinks that are high in preservatives and refined sugars should be eliminated as much as possible. This includes things like snacks, candy and carbonated beverages. We should all strive to drink water often throughout the day as well.

    Elements that should be added to your diet include healthy and essential fats found in nuts, fish, olive oil and coconut oil. Another powerhouse food is yogurt, preferably Greek. Other things to include are blueberries and other such berries as well as leafy green vegetables including kale, spinach and even broccoli.

    Luckily, some fun can be had as well as both dark chocolate and red wines have anti-aging properties.


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