ford ranger rear drum brakes

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how do you change them?

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  1. Guest3617
    haveing trouble getting the drum off any suggestions

  2. Guest3709
    Make certain the parking brake is off, check to make certain the retaining tabs that sometimes come oem on the lug studs are off then with a hard rubber mallet tap around the outer edges of the drum to loosen it up and see if it does not pull right off.
  3. Guest74
    On the back of the drum, at the bottom, there is a small rectangular rubber plug.  Pull it out.  You can use a flashlight to look inside here or do it by feel.  Using a slot screwdriver, there is a toothed wheel you must rotate UP to loosen the brake shoes from the drum.  Once you have rotated this wheel enough, the drum will slide off.
  4. Guest6362
    finished installing rear brakes on 2004 ford ranger edge 4x4 and on one side the hub won't go back on the shoes don't squese together  tight enough. I tried to open up the bleeder but it just strips.(can't open.)
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