foreign scientist of biology with contribution

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help me i need now

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  1. Guest3085
    anong sagot?

  2. Guest4586
    tanong muh sa doktor baliw ka ba?

    punta ka bukas sa may bar makikita  mu aketch dun flylalu sa heaven
  3. Guest1807
    bobo ka
  4. Guest7769
    kilala mo ba ako. ako si bat man
  5. Guest9683
    5 foreigh scientist and task with picture
  6. Guest2256
  7. Guest9677
    mga bobo kau di nyo ba alam
  8. Guest8666
    kantutan tau
    naghahanap ako
  9. Guest5474
    mas bobo u saaaaaaaaaaaaaaa akin uuuuuuuuuuuuuy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Guest4194
    shut up your mouth b***h linti bataa
  11. Guest1195
    charles darwin
  12. Guest6110
    bakit naman
  13. Guest130
    ulol kau  wala kaung alam sa mundong earth mga gago ulol hinayupak tarantado pak u kau kilala nyo ba james caby yun ang tunay na scientist
  14. Guest4334
    james favila ang tunay na scientist who invented the kalibugan in the earth haaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  15. Guest6749
    MGA TANGA BA KAYO HA!!!!!!!!! ang tunay na scientis un ung  mga taong nakakaimbento ng mga tecnology ngayon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! tulad  nila gregor mendel,louis pateur,sir alexanderfleming,at siedward jenner.!!!!!!!!! diba!
  16. Guest7457
  17. Guest7133
    kilala nu b q..q ang tunay n scientist..hahahahaha...
  18. Guest1805
    cnu gusto D2 M2m ha sa kama
  19. Guest8958
    mag aral kayu! wag yung asa ng asa sa computer
  20. Guest3300
  21. Guest5379
    kea nga merong computer pra mpadali ang pagaaral...hayzz!!!
  22. Guest4318
    at isa pa nd ka mukang scientist..salita mo pa lng pang mentalist..lbaz sa mental hospital...wahahahah^_^
  23. Guest4224
    dota nalang
  24. Guest6871
    help naman po!! gagawa kc ako ng questions para sa science namin..... huhuh
  25. Guest5116
    hoy kayo gusto nyo ba nang away o gulo?...........
  26. Guest6529
  27. Guest5536
    hahahaha mga wala kaung alam sa mundo!!!!!!!!
    ang totoong scientist ay ako!!!!!!
    ako lang at wala ng iba!!!!!
  28. Guest1567
    huie mga bugo parehas ta!!!! Iyot ta mga girls!!!! lamisilabirdi laki ang birdie ko parang sa kabayo1
  29. Guest3673
    .James D.Watson and Francis H.C.Crick:

    Watson is a American and crick is a British citizen. Their works included structure of DNA(deoxyribose nucleic acid).They proposed that DNA is a double helical structure and explained the process in which DNA stores and transfers the information required for the functioning of the cell.This study lead to a new era in biology called molecular biology.This is the most fascinating area which has changed our thinking and understanding of biology.For their work in this field, they were given the noble prize in 1962.
  30. Guest3214 can i differentiate the pLant ceLL and the animaL ceLL
    2.expLain osmosis , diffusion , active and transport ..
    3.evaluate the importants of interdependent of living thing from from gasses does carbon cycLe ..

    thankzz .
  31. Guest930
    hai nako feeling nung mga ngpost mata2lino pro ala din nmn lamn ang utak!!!
  32. Guest7633
  33. Guest716
  34. Guest5154
  35. Guest53
    help me naman poh...
    give me at least 5 pfilipino scientist and 5 foreign scientist and their contributions

    pls naman poh...
  36. Guest9727
    yawaaaaaaaa mo ako nga ang nag tatanong eh.......
  37. Guest6089
  38. Guest9828
    LeTcHe NmAn Toh..xD Mga WaLaNghh.. KuWeNtahh... BaLiW TohNg SiTe Na 2..
  39. Guest3111
    anu sagot?
  40. Guest3808
    some filipino scientist
    1. Julian A.Banzon
            a biophysical chemist.He made one of the 1st studies on fuel from coconut and sugarcane
    2.Luz Belardo
            essential oil from phil. medicinal plant
    yung wag nalang akin nalang hhehehehehe
  41. Guest8685
    tang inang site 2
  42. Guest5505
    aj fapsiu djpaisfgiasm dxaosewiyd anwwad pawhdipawhdashdkl nadklaskhfdlksa dpoa
  43. Guest9814
  44. Guest9913
    give 5 foreing scientist and their contribution.need me now
  45. Guest7368
    nakakabobo naman tong site na to pa ban natin to
  46. Guest6546
    yawa mong tanan!!!!!nagtarong ta binu angan ninyo!!!!litse.....
  47. Guest225
    grabe! bakit may nagmumura na dito?! >_<
  48. Guest7786
  49. Guest7219
    william harvey-discovered circulation of blood
  50. Guest3747
    wag nlng kyong mg research buti p mag facebook nlng kyo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. Guest6678
    Famous Scientists
    Radiation of energy from the sun.

    Many scientists have devoted their lives to understanding many aspects of light and energy.

        * What is light and how does it transfer energy from the Sun to the Earth and from Earth to outer space?
        * What is the Earth's radiation budget and how does the radiation budget help us understand the Earth's climate?
        * How do people influence the radiation budget and how important is that influence compared with other things that cause changes?

    Here are some of the scientists who have contributed to our understanding of the answers to these questions. The Earth Observatory has information on other prominent scientists.


          Svante Arrhenius - a scientist who provided the first written explanation of why the Earth's surface is as warm as it is and suggested that thinking of the Earth's atmosphere as a greenhouse was useful.

          Robert Cess - a professor widely recognized as providing an understanding of how water vapor, carbon dioxide, and clouds influence the radiation budget.

          Jule Charney - considered the father of numerical weather prediction. His contributions to planetary wave theories provide the modern-day dynamical foundation for understanding general circulation and weather forecasting.

          Marie Curie - a famous scientist best known for her discovery of radioactivity, and was also the first woman to win a Nobel prize.

          Albert Einstein - showed that light could also be described as particles that carry energy from one place to another.

          Benjamin Franklin - researched that white cloth absorbs less sunlight than dark cloth and suggested that people should wear light colors to keep cool in the summer.

          Samuel Pierpont Langley - the third secretary of the Smithsonian Institution, developed one of the first instruments which measured the amount of energy radiated by the Sun.

          James Clerk Maxwell - showed that light was made of alternating electric and magnetic fields and that light, radio and television waves were the same kind of natural phenomenon.

          Max Planck - provided a theory that can be used to calculate how much light energy an object emits at a given temperature.

          Roger Revelle - an oceanographer who determined that the oceans could not continue to absorb carbon dioxide from burning oil and coal. Such practices would increase the greenhouse effect.

          Karl Schwarzschild - an astronomer who demonstrated that light flowing through the outer layers of the Sun determines the temperature there - laying the ground work for remote sensing the Earth's atmosphere and for understanding temperatures in the stratosphere.
  52. Guest5295
    bakit putol putol ??
  53. Guest2820
    give some examples about foreign scientist and their contribution
  54. Guest7400
    albert einstein discovered the theory of relativity
  55. Guest5992
    2 all commentors/giving answer
    please dont write any negative words/answer
    kaya nga nag tatanong kasi walang alam
    wag naman kaung masyadong hangin
    prkit matalino na kau
    hndi nyo na turuan ang mga nagtatanong
    thats verry bad example
    salamat po s LAHAT na nag cooperate
  56. Guest2240
    Eduardo Quisumbing-A Biologist, pioneered in modern medicinal plants.
                       Eduardo Quisumbing is also known as the Father of

                                                                       Thank You for Trusting,
                                                                        Benigno C. Aquino III
  57. Guest8485
    ewan gulo nio
  58. Guest8375
    aristotle-father of biology..robert brown-discovered nucleus..pasensya na yan lang alm ko.. :)
  59. Guest6434
    anton van leewenhoek :

    - microscope
    - capillary system
    - bacteria ( bacilli,cocei,sperilla)
    - granary weevils
    - red blood cells
  60. Guest5338
    anuoh nga bvah
  61. Guest440
  62. Guest9264
    ala man mu klarikzzzzz..tanan uie..hahahaha..

    bulok jugo ..hahahahaha
  63. Guest8691
    what are your bases why you select these scientists
  64. Guest6899

     sana nman ilagay nyo ung bzt answr.....

  65. Guest5900

    Charles Darwin - Theory of Organic Evolution

    William Harvey - mechanics of human blood circulation

    Robert Koch - bacteria causing anthrax, tuberculosis, and cholera

    Anton Van Leeuwenhoek - first to observe spermatozoa, bacteria and protozoa; simple microscope

    Carolus Linnaeus - Father of Modern Taxonomy

    Sir Alexander Fleming - antibiotic penicillin(wonder drug)

    Joseph Lister - antiseptic surgery

    rudolph Virchow - formulation of the third statement of the cell theory


  66. Guest7594

    .,., mga letche thanks xah .,., mga xagot.,., xana tama he he.,.

    ,:;by  mx.emotaray

  67. Guest6447

    p0ta kaung lhat amp!!

  68. Guest594

    thank u sa lahat ng sagot nyo...


  69. Guest2231

    pisti mong mga animala mo.....yAwa!!!!!!!!!!yawa!!!!!!!!!yawa!!!!!!!!!!!yawa!!!!!!!!!!!yawa!!!!!!!!


  70. Guest9374

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  71. Guest7032

    pisom man?

    kailan mo babayaran

    pagdating ng panahon (song)


  72. Guest2454

    There are many foreigners, who have made significant success stories in the field of biology. I would specify, here some of the significant names in the field of biology. Watson and Crick worked in defining the DNA structure, while Allec C Jeffery worked on DNA finger printing, and Robert Hooke made the discovery of cell.

  73. Guest5308


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