give some biology projects for class 12th

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give some biology projects for class 12th

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  1. amomipais82
    Here is a nice project which requires few materials involves the study of different commercial fertilizers on plant growth.
    Here is what you should do.
    1. Get some bean seeds and plant at least four of them in separate pots.
    2. Buy three different kinds of plant fertilizers (like miracle grow et.)
    3.  When plants have sprouted their secondary leaves measure them and dissolve the fertilizers in watre and add to the plants.  Be sure to use the same amounts of water and fertilizer. Now this is very important.  The forth plant must be watered with the same amount of water and no fertilizes.  This is your control.
    4.  Measure the plant growt daily and record all data
    5. Make you conclusions after a week or so.
    6> Make graphs or charts to show your results.

  2. Guest8404
    a project on the rare disease progeria will be very interesting.....
    u'll get the info on wikipedia. supplement ur project wid a case'll be great.....u'll get all the information from google.....
  3. Guest2753
    projects on cancer
  4. Guest2046
  5. Guest4922
    can anyone tell me how to find a case study report on progeria??? please.....its very urgent
  6. Guest9768
    i am in class 12 give some easy biology project?
  7. Guest8395
    we r also searching 4 a gud topic in bio 2 do group work. kindly suggest some.
    we r interestd in zoology n anything wich is slightly psychological..
  8. Guest5027
    project on aids,drug addiction,biotech
  9. Guest7807
    give some zoology project for class 12th
  10. Guest2041

    need a biology rpoject fr class 11th.>>>>> urgent!!!!! pllzzzz help.....

    need 2 submit 2morw!!1


  11. Guest2964

     heya!!making a project is a d**n big time waste which i cannot afford plz give me a project if anyone has one..plz help me out!!

  12. Guest8669


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