greasemonkey how to install scripts

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Just downloaded Firefox and

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  1. amomipais82
    Hi There,
    First you will need to:

    Install Firefox
    Install Greasemonkey
    and then
    Step 1:
    Search for Scripts
    Once you have greasemonkey on firefox, all you need to do is search for scripts. go to and search for a script in the SEARCH box.
    step 2:
    Look for Scripts
    Now type in what you want to search for. and you results will show up.
    step 3:
    Install the Script
    Click on the icon and click the INSTALL button to install. a message beside the Greasemonkey face should appear saying that it has been installed successfully.
    step 4:
    Have Fun
    Now have fun with your newly installed scripts!!!

    Hope it helps

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