hair fall due to masturbation?? my age is 17 AND I WANT ITS SOLUTION .

by Guest600  |  9 years, 2 month(s) ago

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my age is 17 AND I WANT ITS SOLUTION .

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  1. jane
    Yes it is thought that that levels are related to pattern baldness Hair loss
    Male pattern baldness, but not in all men.  there are other hormones that counter balance that levels.  in the case that these high that levels are not regulated by these other hormones, like testosterone, there are medicines out there to treat the problem.  

    in addition, if masturbation (masturbation) caused hair loss, almost all men in the world would be completely bald.  this is, taking into consideration that masturbation (masturbation) is just a way to imitate the feeling of s*x in your glance p***s.So in theory, having s*x would also make your hair fall out.


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