help me im only 14

by Guest680  |  12 years, 9 month(s) ago

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ok soo last saturday 5-16-09 i had s*x with my best guy friend we started with a condom then he took it off and now i want to know if i am pregnant i kindof want to be but im way to young!!! so now its 5-25-09 and my nipples are very sore and i am always tired i am very natous to so could i be prego...? help




  1. okond84
    pee on a test strip first before you do anything else find at local drug store. they are very good these days. but the doctor is the best person to ask. but pee on the stip and go from there.
  2. Guest5012
    what? you want to be!?
    im 14 with a 2  month old son and this is NOT something you should WANT!! did you plan on it or something? my pregnancy was 100% unplanned and its a 24/7 job for the next 18 years for me!!

    i think you are pregnant. nausea, nipple soreness, and exhaustion are all signs of pregnancy. you need to see a doctor soon.
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