hey it hard to be famous?? aren't you tired of this??

by julia  |  7 years, 10 month(s) ago

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hey it hard to be famous?? aren't you tired of this??

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  1. Victor Strong

     I've got to be completely honest, I can't imagine living the life that he lives. I understand that there are tremendous perks to what he does and that the things he is able to do are beyond our wildest imaginations. As with anything though, there are some huge life and personality altering things that happen that change you forever.

    The constant media hounding, gossip and rumour mill allegations and stories that make for good copy and critique in the blogosphere must grind at you. It makes people like Justin who have a circle of influence in the millions while still under the legal drinking age even more scrutinized because our young children are his key demographic. 

    So he wants to drink and party? He's Justin Bieber...the man is treated like the most important person in the room in 95% of the rooms, stadiums, private jets etc. he is in. He wants to experiment with weed and sizzurp? Tons of other artists and celebrities do quite peacefully. The thing is though that Justin Bieber is not just some celebritiy. The same power that gives him his monster influence and wealth are the same that magnify his mistakes, trysts and humiliations. 

    I'm sure there is a good guy in Justin, I like to think there is in everyone. We can't understand what it is like to be living in a bubble, and lest not forget he is growing and hopefully learning how to cope with it. Others have done it before him. Good luck Justin Bieber.

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