hi.. i have 60" philips projection tv model

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hi.. i have 60" philips projection tv model # 60p8341 the problem is the tv well turn on by itselp and change channel. do you have any solution on these problem? if have any idea can you tell me how to fix it and where can i get the parts.

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  1. amomipais82
    You could have a couple of problems. You picture could be going bad or the coolant in the picture tube have went bad. Philips has problem with the blue and green tube coolant going yellow, bad inside.

    If you want to repair yourself. You need to be very careful. The TV has a lot of power that can hurt you. Even with it unplugged.

    To check if the coolant is bad you will need to look at the top of the tubes. You will need to take the screen off. Be very careful with the screen. There can break easy. Once the screen are off. Turn the TV. Make sure that you don't touch any thing inside with the TV on. If you looked down at the top of the picture tube and it not clear. You will need the coolant replaced. I would not recommend doing it yourself. If you change the fluid and get it any where on the board. The TV will not work.

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