how can i get a sponsor for my education

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I am Evelyn from uganda. I completed my highschool in 2011 and still at home. a kind hearted person should push me up for my bachelors. My parents are among the people who live below the poverty line in uganda. Giving just a dollar will create a big step ahead. dear help me fulfill my childhood dreams because i yawn for my future. A giving hand is a blessed one.
Help me

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  1. evelynmbabazi

    Hello Victor

    thank you for your concern

    it is very unfortunate that i need a sponsor in my country uganda. I believe with God every thing is possible.

  2. Victor Strong

     Hi Evelyn, congratulations on your education and your desire to better yourself and your situation by studying abroad. I am in Canada and feel that this country offers a great balance of high quality living and high quality educational opportunities. There are several international scholarships and bursaries that you can apply for. They are varied and feature different criteria, but a full list can be found at the link below. Choose your country (Uganda in your case). Best of luck to you!

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