how can we earn money doing nothing

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     Earning money doing nothing is not very realistic. You have to initially do something in order to earn the money. However, once you make this initial effort you can sit back and make money without doing anything else. Use internet marketing to make passive residual income and literally make money doing nothing.

    Internet marketing works like a sort of exponential compounding effect. Depending on what niche you are marketing online, you can basically work on promoting your website for years without seeing any form of payback. However, after a few years off not seeing any return you will gradually begin to see the money rolling in. Below are some of the tips that can help you with this process:

    Sign up for The Plug-In Profit Site

    Promoting Your New Website To Increase Traffic and Make Money

    Set up a blog and post to your blog at least three times a week.

    Create and release one or two info products a year to make money and to create an email list to market to.

    Branch Off Of PIPS and Find Another Profitable Niche To Market To

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