how did african music start

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how did african music start

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  1. Jack Fisher

    The best people to answer the question of how did African music start would be Modern scholars of African music such as Hugh Tracy of South Africa, Makabuya of Uganda  and Nketia of Ghana just to name few.   I will try to answer it to best of my research; Dance, music, and story-telling was a mean of communication and has been  among the ancient art forms that have flourished for many centuries in Africa. African tribes used the music as a means of expression in time of happiness and sorrow.

    Ornamented song, long melody lines, many stringed instruments  came from The West-African savannah - from Guinea to the Senegal coast.

    Big striking mechanisms, complicated rhythmics (polyrhythmics) came from The rainforest area on the West coast Ghana,, Nigeria and Dahomey.

    Mostly polyphonic songs with sung or spoken dialogue came from The Kongo - Angola – area.

    It is important to remember music in Africa is strongly attached to the everyday life, religious ceremonies and dance. The music is an integral part of the tribes' daily life.

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